Quick II Stiff Hitch

Quick II Stiff Hitch with Lift Assist

The Quick II Stiff Hitch uses the strongest point of the hitch to control cutting depth. A high lift ram clears steep terrain and the rubber spring absorbs those unwanted jolts. Standard on all groomers, Lift Assist uses a double torsion spring, holding the hitch up and preventing the push arm from going over center. The "floating hitch" saves your back and gets you on the trail faster.

Blade features

Five Blade System

This system is designed to break down any type of snow condition from fresh snowfall to tough compacted moguls. Proper blade positioning allows snow to move freely without clogging. Dual and triple springs are used to prevent breaks and provide fast resets. Each blade comes with height adjustments and grease fittings. An hydraulic leveling blade on the rear axle provides adjustable snow displacement that results in even panning and smooth trails.

Outside frame

Strength From The Ground Up

A solid foundation is key to stability and durability. 8-inch steel tubing is used on the outside frame to provide a solid durable base. Extra bracing and rear pan design provide less frame stress and improved panning. Adjustable rear blade rudders reduce sliding and keep you on the trail. Combined with the five blade system, the strong frame helps deliver amazing efficiency on the trail. Your fuel tank will thank you.

8'6 Wide x 20' Long 14in wheels w/ 6 ply tires and tubes Reflective safety decals on all sides
9'6 Wide x 20' Long PAINT Rear flood light and SMV sign
10' Wide x 20' Long Industrial primed and painted hi-vis orange High intensity LED strobe light
*Custom sizes available upon request *Custom colors available upon request Club sign brackets for visual awareness